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Why Not Take the Stairs?

When’s the last time you’ve said, “Actually, I’d much rather take the stairs?” If you live or work in a high-rise building or multi-story office complex, maybe you just hop onto the elevator several times each and every day without even giving a second thought to taking the stairs.

Truth be told, elevators are wonderful things, and there’s many good reasons to use them. But we hope foot pain isn’t one of the reasons people all over Kansas City are taking the elevator instead of the stairs. It’s simply a reality of life that things like foot pain drive our decision making—even about something as seemingly insignificant as whether or not to take the stairs. All these “insignificant” decisions add up, though, and ultimately you might find yourself not staying active at all—just because of foot pain.

At the Kansas City Good Feet Store, it’s our job to keep as many people as possible free from the effects of heel pain and foot pain. We know that problems with improperly-supported arches don’t just affect the feet, they affect the entire body. Sometimes this might manifest itself in the form of back pain, or sometimes it will be a series of little decisions, like taking the elevator instead of the stairs, that ultimately add up to an inactive lifestyle. Whatever the case may be, we want Kansas City to stay active and healthy.

If you are experiencing pain from plantar fasciitis or other foot-related issues, please come in and see us at The Good Feet Store today. Our local Kansas City custom orthotics specialists will fit you with a solution for your unique feet, and then watch as you perform the free walk test to make sure we’ve found the proper solution. If you’re like many, you might have a solution immediately, and you’ll be on your way to living a new active lifestyle that simply wasn’t possible before.

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