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Tough Guys Need Tough Feet

Meet Randy. Randy is a skydiver, a pilot, and a martial artist. And Randy says all of things he does have one thing in common: they require his feet to work.

And keep in mind, Randy is one tough guy, too. So when he explained that his foot pain had been so bad that he couldn’t even do the activities he loves, we knew he was serious. He described his heel pain as if he were standing on marbles that were placed right underneath his heels. Ouch!

When Randy came in to see us at the Good Feet Store, one of our Kansas City arch support specialists greeted him right away and asked about his heel pain problems. Randy was fitted with custom orthotics for his unique feet, and upon performing the free walk test, he immediately knew he had found a solution and would once again be able to participate in all the activities he loved so much.

Randy now talks about putting in his supports in the morning as the highlight of his day. That may sound like an odd highlight, but he knows that his supports will provide him with an entire day of activity without any pain at all—a complete one-eighty from the life he had been living before.

Whether you need “your feet to work” for your job or for the leisure activities you love to do, we want to help. Stop in to the Kansas City Good Feet Store and let us fit you with supports for your unique feet. If you’ve been living with foot pain or heel pain or even back pain caused by improperly supported feet, we think you’ll be amazed at the difference our supports can make for you. After all, we want you to live your life pain free, and we’re here to help.

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