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The Top Ten Reasons to Visit the Good Feet Store

There are dozens and dozens of great reasons to visit us at the Kansas City Good Feet Store. Sometimes the best way to explain is to just lay it out in list format. Here are our top ten reasons you need to visit the Good Feet Store.

#10 Feels Comfortable
Want support for your entire body? It all starts with the feet. Good Feet custom supports are like pillows for your feet, and the comfort travels all the way up the body.

#9 So Convenient
You can use your custom orthotics with the shoes you already have and love. No need to wear special shoes as these inserts can slip into all your favorite shoes.

#8 Personally Measured and Fitted
Each foot is truly unique, so the best way to get a solution for your unique feet is to measure and fit the supports to your specific feet. And at the Good Feet Store, that’s what we do!

#7 Help Relieve Stress & Shock to Feet, Knees, and Back
It all starts with the foundation of the body—the feet. When you get proper support for your feet, you’ll also feel the relief in your knees and back too.

#6 Enjoy Flexible Support
Our “Flexible Smart Engineering” is designed to reduce daily wear and tear on your joints. At the end of the day, you’ll feel less fatigue than you would without the supports.

#5 Get a Free Walk Test
We encourage all our customers to take the free “Walk Test” after being fitted for their solution. You’ll know, right away, whether we’ve found the right solution.

#4 Walk, Work, and Play
You have a lot to do—both for work and for leisure, and when your feet are properly supported, you can do everything you need to do and everything you love to do pain free.

#3 They’re So Easy
The two-part system that Good Feet supports utilize means that when the cushions wear out, you can simply replace them and keep the underlying supports that were customized for your feet. It couldn’t be easier.

#2 You’ll Feel Energized
Your feet are the foundation of your body, and when they are supported, you’ll have more energy throughout your entire body.

#1 Good Feet Keeps You Going
You have a life to live and you can’t afford to stop what you’re doing because of foot pain. Good Feet supports keep you going and living your life, pain free.

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