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The Good Feet Store Challenge Van

At the Kansas City Good Feet store, we like to take our “Challenge Van” on the road and visit workplaces where we know people are on their feet all day. As Kansas City foot support specialists, we know the difference proper arch supports and custom orthotics can make, and there’s no better way to demonstrate than to visit a place where we know people’s feet are hurting.

We recently visited a local medical center and were excited to show some of the hard-working medical professionals that they could work their long shifts without foot pain. We were especially excited because we know how important the work these people do really is, and if we could assist them in any way at all, it would be our pleasure.

The most common reaction from everyone who was fitted with custom orthotics was surprise at how immediate the results were and how easy the solutions we provided were. Some of the people we talked to had resigned themselves to the fact that they’d likely just be dealing with foot pain their entire working career, and when we showed them that doesn’t have to be the case, they were thrilled.

And it’s not just about foot pain at work, either. People who work hard often like to play hard, too, and sometimes foot pain can cause these people from spending their leisure time doing the things they love. In order to have an active lifestyle outside of work, it’s important that heel pain or improperly supported arches don’t prevent one from participating in the activities they love. The solutions we provided to these medical professionals will not only help them at work, they will help them in their everyday lives as well.

At the Kansas City Good Feet Store, we just want to make your life better, period. Whether you’re at work or spending time pursuing the activities you love, you shouldn’t have to deal with foot pain or heel pain. Stop by our store today and let one of our local Kansas City custom orthotics specialists fit you with a proper solution for your unique feet.

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