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Standing All Day? Our Insoles Can Help

We recently stopped into a local Kansas City salon where we heard several of the stylists had visited the Kansas City Good Feet Store for assistance with the foot pain they regularly experience from being on their feet all day, every day. We wanted to find out their honest opinions about their experience with the Good Feet Store, and about how the solutions they were provided by our Kansas City arch support specialists were serving them. We also asked them to compare how their feet felt both before receiving a custom arch support solution and how their feet now feel after using the Good Feet system on a regular basis.

And to a person, each one of the stylists said that they got relief from the arch supports they were fitted with at the Kansas City Good Feet Store. For some, the supports simply made it so their feet didn’t ache at the end of a long shift. For others, they had previously been experiencing chronic pain from plantar fasciitis or from generalized heel pain, and the custom orthotics took away the pain completely, making the work day much more pleasant and productive.

Perhaps you don’t work as a stylist, but many Kansas City area employees are on their feet all day, every day. Chronic foot pain or even knee pain or back pain stemming from improperly supported feet can make a person’s job much harder than it already is. It can cut down on job satisfaction, and in some extreme cases, it can even cut a career short.

If you know you need a local Kansas City custom orthotics solution so you can do your job and take care of your tired feet, stop into our Kansas City Good Feet Store today and let one of our local arch support specialists assist you today. We want to see all the good people of the Kansas City area be able to work their best and find relief for their painful and aching feet.

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