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Relieve Back Pain with Proper Support for Your Feet

At the Good Feet Store in Kansas City, our employees tell some of the best “success stories.” Not too long ago, Tarah told us about a gentleman who came in and said that he experiences extreme back pain. And he’s tried everything. In fact, one year, he had as many epidurals as is medically permissible for a one-year time period. And although he’d sometimes get short-term relief, nothing ever seemed to work as a permanent solution.

And it’s fortunate that he ran into Tarah at our Kansas City Good Feet Store, because until he spoke with her, he didn’t even consider the possibility that his back pain could really be coming from a foot support issue. He agreed to at least let Tarah attempt to find him a solution, and so she got to work fitting him with custom orthotics. “I’ll give it a shot,” he said. “What can it hurt?”

It’s now been a few months since he’s been using his custom orthotics, and he is a true believer in just how much foot support issues can affect the back. He’s lived virtually pain free in the months since meeting Tarah, and he still can’t believe he has no back pain after he assumed he’d have to deal with the pain for the rest of his life. When he tells the story, he almost gets choked up.

If you are experiencing foot pain, heel pain, or even back pain that you suspect might stem from improperly supported feet, come visit us at the Good Feet Store. One of our local Kansas City foot pain specialists with meet with you and find a solution that works for your unique feet. You may be surprised at the results and the relief from your pain that you can achieve with custom supports.

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