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Pain Relief for Those Who Have Tried Everything

Imagine having experienced foot pain for over twenty years, trying everything under the sun to get some relief, and then, one day, finding an instant solution on a whim. That’s Theresa’s story, and when she stopped in at the Kansas City Good Feet Store, we got to hear about the long journey she’s been on looking for a solution to her foot pain issues.

Theresa stopped in on a whim because she hadn’t yet tried the Good Feet Store and she figured, “what could it hurt?” She told us that, if she was being honest, she didn’t expect to find a solution. After all, it had been twenty years of trying everything she could find. When we re-connected with Theresa at a later date, she actually showed us the literal pile of arch supports, inserts, and various other things she had tried over the course of the last two decades.

Theresa was greeted by a local Kansas City custom orthotics specialist, and he quickly got to work fitting her for a customized pair of supports for her unique feet. Not feet just like hers, but her unique feet. Theresa performed the free walk test and knew immediately she had found her solution—after twenty years of searching! Imagine her surprise to finally have found something that really works!

If you have struggled with heel pain, foot pain, or even back pain from plantar fasciitis or other foot issues, you are not alone. There are thousands of stories like Theresa’s, and if you are struggling with foot pain, we want to help you today because we know how much of an impact your feet have on your entire body, and how foot pain issues can truly affect your day-to-day activities. Stop in to our Kansas City Good Feet Store and let us help you end your search for relief from your foot and heel pain issues.

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