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Pain Free Feet at Work

Do you depend on your feet for your living? No, we’re not imagining you literally depend on your feet and only your feet for your job, but if you’re like many Americans, you’re on your feet all day, every day at work.

Almost all jobs require one to be on their feet some of the day, but certain jobs require one to be on their feet all the time—think of a cashier or a carpenter; a restaurant worker or retail employee.

Recently, we had Kristen visit our Kansas City Good Feet Store. As a waitress, she commented that even a short serving shift would feel like forever because of her foot pain. From what she had heard about the Good Feet Store, she was confident she could find a solution that would rectify her foot pain problems. And she was right. After meeting with one of Good Feet’s Kansas City foot pain specialists, Kristen was fitted with a solution customized to her feet and her specific needs as a server. After she visit to the Kansas City Good Feet Store, she said that “everything changed” for her. And now no matter if she’s working a short shift or a long shift, she can work pain free.

At the Kansas City Good Feet Store, we’ve helped thousands of customers with a story similar to Kristen’s. In some of the most serious cases of foot pain, we’ve even heard our customers explain that they were to a point where they were almost forced to quit their job because the pain was so intense. Consider how unfortunate it would be to quit a job just because of foot pain or lack of proper arch support.

If you’re on your feet constantly at work, come see us at the Kansas City Good Feet store. It shouldn’t be painful to work, and whether you just have mild foot pain or intense pain, we have a customized solution to help you.

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