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Foot Pain Relief for Shoe Lovers

We call them “Good Feet Stories.” They’re the testimonies of all the people for whom we’ve helped find a solution to foot and heel pain issues, and they are our favorite things to hear. It gives us a good feeling to know how many people’s lives we’ve changed for the better, and it’s also very interesting and eye-opening to find out all the different ways foot pain issues affect real people, every day, in their real lives.

Ava recently stopped in to the Kansas City Good Feet Store because, in her own words, she “loves shoes” but also said that “the best ones hurt the worst.” Ava wanted to be able to continue wearing the shoes she loves, but she needed to find a solution to the foot pain that would often accompany the wearing of those favorite shoes. To her, not wearing these shoes was not an option, so she needed a solution that would work with the shoes she already had (and any new ones that might catch her eye).

Luckily for Ava, our local Kansas City foot support specialists were able to find just the solution she was looking for: custom orthotics that would work with any shoes! She can continue pursuing her passion of collecting beautiful shoes without worrying about which ones will work with her unique feet.

There are thousands of stories like Ava’s. Some come from athletes who almost had to quit playing the sports they love because of foot and back pain. Others come from factory workers who almost had to find new work because they couldn’t stand all day without severe pain. Still others are from everyday people who couldn’t go about their everyday lives without heel pain.

If you’re having issues with foot pain, heel pain, or even back pain that you suspect may stem from your feet, stop by the Kansas City Good Feet Store today and let one of our plantar fasciitis specialists fit you with a custom solution for your unique feet. You don’t have to live your life in pain, and we don’t want to see you giving up anything you love just because of improperly supported feet.

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