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Don’t Let Your Feet Get in the Way

Dale’s very first experience doing any kind of serious hiking didn’t come until he was in his sixties. He hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, and he fell in love with hiking. He fell in love so much that he decided he wanted to hike they Himalayas next.

Dale explains that “he wasn’t twenty years old anymore—he was sixty-four years old.” But he wasn’t about to let his age, or his foot pain stop him from pursing his passions.

Dale was fitted with custom orthotics from the Kansas City Good Feet Store, and it’s what made the difference for him in being able to pursue his passion of hiking. He ended up trekking over ninety miles in the Himalayas, and he did it all completely pain free. For that, he says, he is extremely grateful and he doesn’t take it for granted.

At the Good Feet Store, we work with many customers who are seeking relief from their heel pain or plantar fasciitis because it’s preventing them from doing their job to the best of their ability, but we also serve many people like Dale, too. We serve people who aren’t able to pursue their recreational passions because of chronic foot pain or even knee pain or back pain that comes from poorly supported feet. Sadly, many people have all but given up on continuing to do the activities they love.

We want to see everyone pursue their passions to the best of their ability and without pain, and when you come in and visit us at the Kansas City Good Feet Store, one of our local Kansas City plantar fasciitis specialists will work with you to get you fit for arch supports for your unique feet. Come see us today and get on with pursuing your passions and living your life!

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