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Doctor Recommended Orthotics

Imagine experiencing pain so intense that you’d rate it “an eleven” on a scale of one to ten. That’s how Dave spoke about the pain he dealt with each and every day. And even though most of the pain he was experiencing was in his lower back, he knew the problem came from his feet. Dave had already figured out what many people don’t: that many back pain issues actually stem from the feet and the lack of proper support.

And it was in working with his doctor that Dave was sent our way at the Kansas City Good Feet Store. His doctor helped him realize his back issue was likely actually a foot issue, and he suggested Dave stop in to the Good Feet Store and see if we could assist.

Once at our store, Dave was greeted by a local Kansas City plantar fasciitis support specialist and fitted with customized supports for his feet. Dave took a only a few steps, then turned around, sat down, and began to cry. This was the first time in a long time that he experienced no pain when he walked, and he immediately knew he had found a solution.

When you hear Dave’s story, you might be tempted to think he was exaggerating about how bad his pain was or how overjoyed he was when he found a solution, but the sad reality is that, for many Americans, foot pain or back pain stemming from the feet really is that intense and makes simple everyday tasks incredibly daunting and difficult.

But the good news is that there often is a solution to these heel pain, foot pain, and back pain issues, and the solutions don’t have to be expensive or invasive. At the Kansas City Good Feet Store, we’ve helped thousands in our community get relief from their pain, and we’d like to help you next if you give us the opportunity.

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